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Ear Wax Removal Services

Appointments now available for ear wax removal in Gosforth at our Regent Centre clinic.

For your peace of mind, safety and client experience, please rest assured that all appointments are undertaken by a professional, registered Audiolog

Ear Wax Removal
One ear - £55 
Two ears - £70

Costs are inclusive of an Ear Examination & Consultation.  If no wax is found on examination, the only charge is for the consultation.

Ear Examination & Consultation - £20
Not sure if you have wax or want an ear health professional to examine your ears? You can book this for just £20. We complete a full consultation with you to tailor any treatment to your needs and take photographs of inside your ears to show you at your appointment.

Consultation Report - £5
If you would like a copy of your consultation report complete with otoscopy images sent to your email address please let us know at your appointment

Most wax removal appointments take approximately 30 minutes or less provided the wax has been well-oiled prior and not pushed in deeper by using cotton buds or other small implements.


Prefer to be seen in the comfort of your own home/care home? Home visits can be arranged upon request*. Contact us to find out more.


*Additional costs and call-out fees may apply for at-home appointments.


We can provide at-home ear wax removal and ear cleaning or ear suctioning in: Gosforth, Jesmond, Great Park, Sandyford, Heaton, Kingston Park, Kenton, Fawdon, Wideopen, Brunswick, Cramlington, North Tyneside, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Longbenton, Benton, Forest Hall, Ponteland and beyond! Contact us about our wax removal services in the North East.

What Is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a specialist procedure that requires professional training and expertise and should only be performed by medical professionals with a background in ear and hearing care.  During the procedure we use a small suction device to gently loosen and remove the wax from your ear canal.  We may also use specialist manual tools to remove the wax.


At Newcastle Ear Care, we specialise in microsuction ear wax removal, the recommended procedure to ensure safe and effective treatment.  There is evidence to support microsuction being safer and more successful than ear syringing/irrigation, and it is far more safe and effective than homeopathic methods such as 'ear candles.' 

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs

Preparing For Your Appointment

Do I need to use oil in my ears before having ear wax removed?

Yes*. Using olive oil drops in your ears before ear wax removal softens the ear wax and makes it easier to remove. *Do not use oil if you have a known ear drum perforation.

You can buy olive oil spray at your appointment for maintenance, but if you are in need of medical grade olive oil prior to your appointment, you can buy Earol olive oil spray from the link below (we may receive a very small portion of sales)

Prior to your appointment we recommend softening your ear wax using olive oil drops or similar. This reduces the likelihood of both needing a second appointment to remove all your wax, and discomfort during the procedure. 


For your convenience easy to use, safe, medical-grade olive oil ear sprays are available to purchase from us at your wax removal appointment for future use, to prevent ear wax build up and maintain your newly-cleaned ears. Speak to us for more information.

What is microsuction?
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